FAQ Light + Building 2018

In the following, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for you.

Stand construction / Technology

How high is the hall? What is the floor load for the hall and what lighting does it have?
You can find this information in the Technical Details for the Halls on page 10 and 57 onwards.

Two-storey constructions are possible in some halls (see construction heights).
For this purpose, the plans required for the application for approval, including a check of the statics, must be submitted in duplicate 6 weeks before construction begins at the latest to

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Technical Event Management
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

For more detailed information, please see the General Terms & Conditions of Business or the Technical Guidelines in the version in force for the time being.

For the inspection of a two-storey structure the exhibitor will be charged a fee. The costs of the approval procedure (inspection of documents submitted and approval in situ) will be invoiced to the exhibitor or stand builder. Should no static calculation have been provided, certified by a second, independent static engineer, the engineering practice commissioned by Messe Frankfurt will undertake the inspection itself and pass the costs on separately to the exhibitor.   

Please note that the additional square meters of the two-storey construction are also subject to a charge. Actual square meters will be charged separately after the fair.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

The Technical Event Management Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-59 04

In case of a one side open or two side open stand, 6 cm must be subtracted from the confirmed stand width to obtain the clear width, due to the width of the partition walls.

Messe Frankfurt erects standard stand partition walls that are 2.50 m high with adjustable feet of up to 0.12 m in length. Please order these in advance (free of charge) in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions or wish to make any changes, please contact

Please note that the stand walls must not be damaged (no nails, screws etc.).

Stands located in outdoor areas, temporary structures, mobile stands, two-storey stands, special mountings and special designs have to be approved separately and are subject to a charge.

Special designs include, for example:

  • Stands of over 100 sq m
  • Two-storey constructions
  • Walls over 4 m high
  • Closed ceilings
  • Plinths higher than 0.20 m
  • Glass constructions
  • Moving components

Suitably scaled stand plans (e.g. 1:100) are to be submitted in duplicate for approval at the latest six weeks before construction begins and labelled in German or English.

They should be submitted to:

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Technical Event Management
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

Note: the side of the stand on the aisle
The stand construction must be made as transparent as possible if it borders on an aisle. A frontage with a layout that is up to 70% open is desirable. Long, enclosed stand structures bordering on aisles are not permitted. Please check the technical guidelines point 4.7.1. In the case of non-compliance we explicitly reserve the right to have modifications made onsite.

The hall supports are marked in the hall plan as a black square or circle. The supports are covered to a height of 3 m with a white-coated chip-board (except for Hall 11.0: wich has no support covering). The coverings must not be encumbered or damaged. You will find the precise measurements and location of the support(s) in the stand sketch of our stand place proposal. The dimensions refer to the support covering. 

In most halls it is possible to fix suspended items in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Shop for Exhibitor Services. Suspensions must only be fitted by the hall electrician. For your order please use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

The Suspensions Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-68 99

The hall manager is your first point of contact for all on-the-spot questions and can be reached by phone under:

Forum: +49 69 75 75‑54 39
Hall 1: +49 69 75 75‑63 01
Hall 2: +49 69 75 75‑63 02
Hall 3: +49 69 75 75‑63 03
Hall 4: +49 69 75 75‑63 04
Hall 5: +49 69 75 75‑63 05
Hall 6: +49 69 75 75‑63 06
Hall 8: +49 69 75 75‑63 08
Hall 9: +49 69 75 75‑63 09
Hall 10: +49 69 75 75‑63 10
Hall 11: +49 69 75 75‑63 11

Shop for Exhibitor Services

In your capacity as the main contact for Messe Frankfurt, we shall prepare access for you if you have not had a Messe Frankfurt log-in up to now. You will automatically receive an e-mail from us for your personal access – just click on the registration link and issue a password which you have chosen yourself. As soon as the Shop for Exhibitor Services is open for you, we shall inform you by a further email – and then you can begin placing your orders.  

Please note: Only the main contact for Messe Frankfurt will receive the e-mail with the prepared account and thus full access to the stand in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Do you already have a Messe Frankfurt log-in?

In this case go to “Register” at – once there, just register with your email address and password. If you cannot remember your password, click on “Forgotten your password?” We shall immediately send you an email by which you can re-set the password.

Has the main contact for Messe Frankfurt in your company changed?

It is not possible to overwrite the data of other persons in the Messe Frankfurt log-in. If the main contact has changed since the intention to exhibit, please contact the Light + Building Team at or +49 69 7575-30 07

Only the main contact for Messe Frankfurt (personal contact and contracting partner) and his deputy can manage users and authorisations. For this purpose, we offer you two possibilities:

Management by deputy:
If you appoint people as deputies, they will be given the same rights in the Shop for Exhibitor Services as you enjoy in your capacity as main contact and will likewise be able to make transactions, such as managing order authorisations. For this purpose, it is necessary for each deputy to set up his own Messe Frankfurt log-in.

Management by stand code:
To authorise other persons, e.g. stand builders, to order on your account and your stand, pass your stand code on to these persons. Each stand-code user must also set up his own Messe Frankfurt log-in for the purpose.

Under “User Management” in the menu all the order authorisations which you have issued, and which you can also revoke, are set out clearly.

Should you have further questions about any aspect of our Shop for Exhibitor Services, the personal contacts at our shop hotline will be glad to answer them on +49 69 75 75-29 99 or by e-mail to


Please contact your contractual partner. He is able to issue you with an authorisation for this purpose in our Shop for Exhibitor Services. Either he will set up a further account for you, so that you can order services on his instructions and in his name, or he will request an account of your own for you, so that you can order and be billed yourself.


Please select the option “Show existing orders” to view you orders.

Ordering services for my stand

In the Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Stand equipment.”

Your contact:

Messe Frankfurt Services
Phone +49 69 75 75-65 70

We can lay your electrical connection to any point in your stand that you wish, via the hall roof or via the utility conduits in the hall floor. For this purpose, please use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

The Electricity Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-66 70

Your water connection will be laid via the utility conduits in the hall floor to any point in the stand that you wish. For this purpose, please likewise use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

The Water Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-66 78 78

Once the order has been successfully made, this is no longer possible. Please send the stand sketch (which you have drawn) to the department concerned. (Please do not forget to mark the event, the hall and stand number, and your customer number on the sketch).

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Stand services.”

Should you have any questions, please contact:

The Cleaning Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Waste collected on the stand during the fair will be disposed of by Messe Frankfurt. For this purpose, after close of the fair please place the rubbish bag in the aisle. In case of larger quantities, may we please ask you to order a disposal container.

During sett-up and dismantling you can dispose of particular waste, such as paints, varnishes etc., in the collection receptacles provided.

For all other waste please order a suitable container via our Shop for Exhibitor Services

Should you have any queries, please contact:

The Waste Disposal Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Catering and events.”

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Phone +49 69 7 56 02-0

You will likewise find an overview of our catering services at

Please note that entry by outside caterers must be authorised in advance – they will be subject to a charge.

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Stand services.”

Should you have any queries, please contact:

The Stand Security Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-68 95

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Stand services.”

Your contact:

Phone +49 69 756 02-24 34

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Stand services.”

Your contact:

Phone + 49 69 756 02-24 34

WiFi is available free of charge to all exhibitors and visitors during Light + Building. Access is suitable for visiting websites and for occasional reception and sending of e-mails. Reception over the total area may not be guaranteed if there is a high number of users. You will find the instructions for WiFi in the Fair & Exhibition Centre at: WiFi instruction.

Should you require a guaranteed broadband, we advise you to order individual WiFi products at a charge from our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Ordering services exterior to my stand

Messe Frankfurt’s logistics service offers provision to order of fork-lift trucks, cranes and other technical equipment, handling of your freight and empties, and the acceptance, warehousing and delivery of your freight to your stand at the time you wish.

Fork-lift truck and crane services must be ordered exclusively via Messe Frankfurt from the Shop for Exhibitor Services and will be carried out by the logistics partners. The same applies to the storage of freight and empties during the event.

For individual advice please contact:

The Logistics Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-60 75

Press and publicity

Close of entries for the catalogue will be 11 December 2017

Should you have any questions about your catalogue entry, please contact:

Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH
Phone +49 69 75 75-51 31

Your promotional material is available to you in the online shop at . Here you will find free print and digital advertising material with which you can very easily attract great attention to your stand exhibition: from information leaflets, to e-cards which can be personalised, to entry-ticket vouchers for your customers.

If you would like detailed advice on the individual advertising media, or if you have any questions about the optimum combination of advertising media or personalisation, our Publicity Service will be glad to help you further:

Phone +49 69 61 999-115 /-116

You can rent a press compartment in the Press Centre for your printed press materials. You can also book an online press compartment for your texts and photographs on our website, to show your new products to the media.

If you would like to organise a press conference on your stand or in a meeting room at the Fair & Exhibition Centre, we shall include the date in our official Press Schedule. We shall also help in organising a suitable meeting room.

For further information please contact:

Natalie Maas
Phone +49 69 75 75-63 57

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “Marketing services.”

Your contact:

The Advertising Services Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-56 466

You will find an overview of the facilities here.


You will receive the invoices for stand-related services, such as suspensions, electrical, water or telecommunication connections, after the event.

In the individual case please contact the technical departments and service partners who marketed the service.

You will find the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for this purpose by clicking on the product name in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

All invoices are sent to the invoice address stored centrally for the customer at Messe Frankfurt. Should you wish for a different invoice address for individual items, before sending your order please contact the Hotline on the following telephone number: +49 (0)69 75 75-29 99 or by e-mail to

Set-up and dismantling passes, exhibitor passes, entry-ticket vouchers, tickets

Depending on the size of the stand, the following set-up and dismantling passes are allocated free of charge:

  • up to 10 sqm: 2 units apiece
  • 11 to 20 sqm: 4 units apiece
  • 21 to 30 sqm: 5 units apiece
  • 31 to 50 sqm: 6 units apiece
  • 51 to 80 sqm: 8 units apiece
  • 81 to 100 sqm: 10 units apiece
  • 101 to 150 sqm: 15 units apiece
  • 151 to 200 sqm: 20 units apiece
  • 201 to 250 sqm: 25 units apiece
  • 251 to 300 sqm: 30 units apiece
  • over 300 sqm: 35 units apiece

These passes are intended exclusively for the stand’s set-up and dismantling stages. All persons taking part in the set-up and dismantling must be provided with such a pass. They must carry them at all times in a clearly visible position. The set-up and dismantling passes will be sent with the service documents; additional passes can be ordered free of charge by e-mail to You will receive the set-up and dismantling passes in the Service Centre Torhaus, Level 2, at the Fair Management Office (Teambüro). Please note that the set-up and dismantling passes are not valid for local public transport.

Depending on the stand size, the exhibitor will receive the following quota of exhibitor passes free of charge:

Up to 10 m²: 2 cards each
11 to 20 m²: 4 cards each
21 to 30 m²: 5 cards each
31 to 50 m²: 6 cards each
51 to 80 m²: 8 cards each
81 to 100 m²: 10 cards each
101 to 150 m²: 15 cards each
151 to 200 m²: 20 cards each
201 to 250 m²: 25 cards each
251 to 300 m²: 30 cards each
301 to 350 m²: 35 cards each
351 to 400 m²: 40 cards each
401 to 450 m²: 45 cards each
451 to 500 m²: 50 cards each
501 to 550 m²: 55 cards each
551 to 600 m²: 60 cards each
601 to 650 m²: 65 cards each
651 to 700 m²: 70 cards each
701 to 750 m²: 75 cards each
751 to 800 m²: 80 cards each
801 to 850 m²: 85 cards each
851 to 900 m²: 90 cards each
901 to 950 m²: 95 cards each
951 to 1000 m²: 100 cards each
1001 to 1050 m²: 105 cards each
1051 to 1100 m²: 110 cards each
1101 to 1150 m²: 115 cards each
1151 to 1200 m²: 120 cards each
1201 to 1250 m²: 125 cards each

Exhibitor passes are only valid during the event. They normally entitle the holder to enter the Fair & Exhibition Centre or halls one hour before the official opening times.

These passes are intended solely for the exhibitor and his stand staff; they must not be passed on to customers. Additional requirements can be covered at a charge. You can conveniently personalise and print out your Exhibitor passes in the Ticket Services Portal for Exhibitors. Your free quota is allocated automatically to your stand and is displayed on the portal.  

These vouchers (season voucher cards) are valid during the event; they entitle the holder to enter the Fair & Exhibition Centre during opening times.  

Entry-ticket vouchers can be ordered at a charge on the Ticket Services Portal for Exhibitors or as part of the Promotion Package. The exhibitor will be charged after the event only for those vouchers which were actually redeemed.


Set-up and dismantling

You will find the new and detailed regulations on set-up and dismantling here.

During the general set-up and dismantling times, you may work in the halls without intermission, i.e. 24 hours. On the last assembly day, the carpet floor will be laid from 3.00 p.m. From this time the hall aisles must be cleared of obstructions. From this time the set-up or decoration of your stand can only be carried out within the stand itself. We shall be laying full-cover carpet flooring in all aisles for the event.  

For the entire duration of the set-up (advanced + regular) and dismantling period (regular + extended), entry to the exhibition grounds is only possible via check-in. Any vehicle entering the exhibition grounds must be registered in advance.

Please note: In case of high volume of traffic waiting times are possible at the check-in!

Arrival, parking regulations before, during and after the fair

For cars with up to 2.5 t total licensed weight we shall provide parking places at a charge on the grounds of the Fair & Exhibition Centre or in the Rebstock multi-storey carpark. Transporters and HGVs can be parked at a charge in the HGV Park of Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH Rebstock Park.    

For delivery of goods, vehicles will be able to enter for one hour (on the last day only until 2.00 p.m.). To do this, each driver must pay a deposit of EUR 100, which will be non-returnable if he/she exceeds this period.

On the last day of the fair the latest time at which a vehicle may enter will be 2.00 p.m. Between 2.00 p.m. and the time when vehicles start to enter for dismantling purposes, the access roads to the Fair & Exhibition Centre will be closed. Dismantling vehicles must please drive to the assembly point on the Rebstock. Only there will they be given their dismantling entry card.

On 23 March 2018, between 3.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m., a free shuttle bus will travel regularly from the Fair & Exhibition Centre grounds to Stop 4 on the LGV Rebstock Assembly Point.

On the last day of the fair, between 5.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m., we shall give you an opportunity to bring small loads out of the Centre prior to entry of vehicles for dismantling. For this purpose, on the last two assembly days and during the days of the fair we shall issue, as long as they are in stock, a limited number of special dismantling passes for cars and small transporters of up to 3.5 t total licensed weight.  

You can obtain these special dismantling passes at the Central Information Point in the Gate House. Level 03, in return for a cash deposit of EUR 200. Entry and exit will only be possible via the gate stated on the card. Please note that, because the aisle carpets are being taken up at the same time, we cannot provide any goods lifts in the halls. 

To enable set-up and dismantling to go smoothly at Light + Building, each vehicle wishing to enter the Fair & Exhibition Centre during the advance and regular assembly period (8 – 17 March 2018) and dismantling period (23 March – 25 March 2018) must register in advance and report to the check-in.

Advance registration can be made at and you can conveniently download and print out the personal entry authorisation yourself. Using this entry authorisation, you will drive to the check-in indicated. After inspection at the check-in, you will drive to the entry gate in question. Please appreciate that only registered vehicles can drive into the Fair & Exhibition Centre. You can also find more detailed information on the related leaflet.

You can obtain parking vouchers for the Fair & Exhibition Centre and for the Rebstock multi-storey carpark for cars of up to 2.5 t total licensed weight in our Shop for Exhibitor Services under the rubric “passes

The order period for parking vouchers ends six weeks before the start of the event. Only after the order period has expired will the parking vouchers be sent by post.

If parking vouchers are still available after the end of the order period, an extended-time facility will be set up in the Shop, through which parking vouchers can be ordered again. Dispatch abroad will then no longer be possible.

Insofar as capacity is available, parking vouchers ordered will be reserved and can be collected on the last two assembly days on the spot at the Service Counter in the Torhaus, Level 2.

On our website you will find information on arrival by car with navigation system or smartphone.

The City of Frankfurt’s Environmental Zone is located within the “motorway ring”, which is bounded by the A5 motorway in the west, the A3 in the south, and the A661 in the east. Access to the Fair & Exhibition Centre is possible at all times for vehicles belonging to a corresponding pollution category and with the associated environment sticker. Vehicles without an environment sticker can also reach the grounds of the Fair & Exhibition Centre, via the West Gate and North Gate. These can be reached by vehicles coming from the A5 via the A648, Rebstock exit, or via the Katharinenkreisel. The Fair & Exhibition Rebstock multi-storey carpark can also be reached via the Rebstock exit.  


You will find an overview of the most important contacts and personal contacts here.

Light + Building Team: +49 69 75 75-30 07
Exhibitor Services Shop: +49 69 75 75-29 99
Fairconstruction Team: +49 69 75 75-68 11
Suspensions Team: +49 69 75 75-68 99
Cleaning Team: +49 69 75 75-69 11
Electricity Team: +49 69 75 75-66 70
Water Team: +49 69 75 75-66 78
Logistics service: +49 69 75 75-60 75

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