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Illuminating: focusing on the future

17 Oct 2019

A new generation of luminaires is creating light settings for all circumstances. The key is digitalisation, which is the driving force for synchronous functions, new application options and designs in innovative spheres. Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 13 March 2020 will focus on lighting trends and developments. And, in combination with progressive building services, the international exhibitors taking part will offer an impressive show of tomorrow’s technologies.

Working calls for maximum agility nowadays while leisure is permeated by a powerful desire for flexibility. Thus, all aspects of life are subject to continuous change. Variable or dynamic systems can give support by providing assistance for completely different situations and places. The most influential aid: light, which impacts on the entire human organism.

Futuristic focus

More and more new concepts demand the use of wireless technology. At the same time, LED systems are required to provide more light from more compact forms and, at the same time, consume less energy. Thus, the new dynamism is becoming the DNA of design. Playfully, form and function are integrated into the interior. The copper wires that carry the electrical current of luminaires can be, for example, woven into fabric sails – either fully visible or hidden from sight to suit all requirements.

Tomorrow’s light is smart, portable, light and sustainable – as shown by luminaire designs at Light + Building 2020. Source: Messe Frankfurt – Pietro Sutera
Tomorrow’s light is smart, portable, light and sustainable – as shown by luminaire designs at Light + Building 2020. Source: Messe Frankfurt – Pietro Sutera

Illuminating adaptability

Light + Building 2020 shows: there are no limits on luminaire design – they take the form of poetic statements, of opulent, elegant or filigree requisites at home or at work. Regardless of whether switched on or off. Always characterised by top performance and dynamism. It is also the age of materials normally not associated with luminaires, e.g., leather, textiles, net-like and ultra-light fabrics, paper, cardboard, cork and rubber. Event porcelain, china and recycled fabrics are finding their way into the world of luminaire design – including astonishing surfaces and hitherto unknown processing structures.

Efficiency produces sustainability

This variability makes it possible to use sustainable materials for the luminaires, too. The lighting sector is also committed to sustainability in the field of energy consumption. Smart supplementary functions and highly efficient LEDs mean it is possible to incorporate numerous functions in one and the same luminaire. Light ranging from cold to warm, from perfect working light to atmospheric candlelight, is possible with just one luminaire. Touch-sensitive panels for dimming are elegantly integrated into the design – with greater convenience guaranteed. The same applies to innovative ‘warmDim’ technology that, for example, automatically adapts the colour temperature of the luminaire to that of the prevailing natural light. Moreover, regulating the light intensity in accordance with the time of day permits automatic low electricity consumption. Equally, luminaires, some of which are already comparable to multi-media devices, can be used long and efficiently. Instead of producing a new model, software updates can be used to bring the old product into line with the latest standards, thus resulting in an enormous reduction in the quantity of materials used.

Digital is more than just 0 and 1

The digitalisation of lighting technology is the key to a high degree of connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LAN. Accordingly, ‘connectivity’ is one of the top themes at the coming anniversary edition of
Light + Building. International exhibitors take advantage of the world’s leading trade fair in Frankfurt am Main to present their product innovations and connectivity solutions to international visitors. In line with this, the claim of the 2020 edition of the fair is ‘Connecting.Pioneering.Fascinating.’ whereby the latter part of the claim, ‘fascinating’, promotes product hybrids: it is not only the detachment from conventional materials that fascinate but in particular the new functions and properties of the luminaires. In many cases, they can also be detached stylistically from the familiar context.

Shaping the future

An astonishing design spectrum is also possible thanks to the ever-diminishing format of modern luminaires. Today, the tiny size of the LEDs makes it possible to combine the light source with other functions or products, e.g., luminaires made of acoustic fabrics are ideal for absorbing noise in open-plan offices. Additionally, for example, luminaires can be incorporated into control elements. Or designed to look and function like a vase.

The way to go

The spectrum of lighting technology and decorative luminaires to be seen at Light + Building is huge. Accordingly, orientation is the key to success at the fair. And help in this respect is offered by the designers of Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, the creators of the Trend Show 2020 in Hall 6.2 at the world’s leading trade fair. There, visitors can see
state-of-the-art home trends in selected settings. Particularly interesting is that each article on show is labelled with the name of the manufacturer and – in the case of decorative light – their location at the fair, thus ensuring easy navigation for all visitors wanting further information about any products.

Young Design

There are only a few places where authentic design is presented to the public. Undoubtedly, one of them is the Young Design area at Light + Building. There, young talents show their exclusive, individual creations to an audience of international trade visitors. The aim: to make innovative luminaire design ready for series production. The closing date for applications is 14 December 2019.

+++ Light + Building will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 13 March 2020. +++

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