Light + Building Trend Forum

Organiser: Messe Frankfurt in cooperation with stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano
Lectures: Hall 6.1 B02

The improvement and development of innovative and individual solutions continues to be the driving force behind luminaire design. Yet, aesthetics and beauty remain aspects that cannot be ignored. In the designs you can clearly see elements of homeliness and aesthetic refinement, irrespective, it must be said, of the particular stylistic genre. Even when a minimalist standpoint is taken, this is seldom synonymous with a purely utilitarian approach.

And a sense of tradition also remains a focus. New designs are inspired by quintessential classics or much loved classical designs are adapted to the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Constancy meets futuristic technology, while emotional designs encounter a serious approach to materials and sustainability. An inspirational mix of old and new.

The trend themes 2018/2019 are:  

Trend Forum Light + Building

The ‘evoke emotions’ scenario is about the evocation of mood and a sense of well-being. It is about designs that sensitise us to our feelings, that are directly linked to emotions, that transform emotions into the language of design and integrate emotion into everyday life – with the help of ‘intelligent’ materials and product developments.


The focus of ‘image mutation’ falls upon the notion of divergence and modification. Here we find an emphasis on designs that create a striking, artistic impression and make an impact. What dominate here are designs that are far from the everyday; designs that make an impact, rather like creations of modern art. They unashamedly celebrate anomaly and diversity in an extrovert manner.


This trend is all about breathing life into simplicity. It involves designs that are honest, undemonstrative, clear, uncomplicated and simple. Lighting moods are inviting, warm, restrained and create a cosy, harmonious atmosphere – using reverential, intimate illumination which includes areas of darkness in the overall ambience.


The ‘create history’ scenario has set itself the target of evoking a nostalgic past, a sense of the historical. On the one hand, highly functional modern technology is embedded in a background of decorative living space. The appeal of the design for the room lies in its elegant colouration, together with antique and rare items and collectables, which hark back to former times – all of which create a kind of Aladdin’s cave effect, full of wondrous things. On the other hand, technology has revolutionised the design: through the use of the latest technological developments, nostalgic reminiscences of history become something quite new, something almost mythological that has never before existed; full of historical allusion and future promise at one and the same time.

The Trend Forum of Light + Building presents retailers, designers, interior designers and exterior architects the living trends of 2018/2019. The Trend Forum visualises a range of home interior scenarios and showcases selected products, integrated in unusual room settings. Centre stage are in each case four main stylistic approaches that are conceptualised in different home and interior environments.

bora.herke.palmisano produces the Trend Forum and identifies the trends. The lectures are followed by guided tours through the style studio’s Trend Forum for you to broaden your own impressions with useful facts.

Sunday at 3 p.m.
Monday – Thursday at noon and 3 p.m.
Friday at noon

The lectures and guided tours are held in German with simultaneous translation into English.

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