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Color, shape, texture, materiality: the 2020/2021 living trends provide perspective and orientation in a world of design. It is more diverse than ever before. Immerse yourself into the Light + Building Trend Forum – now and completely digitally in your home office.

Organiser: Messe Frankfurt in cooperation with stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Organic Sculptures

Gentle, organic, sculptural – here the emphasis is on the development of the shape of the luminaire and the creation of soft, diffuse, atmospheric lighting. The designs appear more as sculptures, objects or room dividers than simple luminaires. The gleaming sculptures radiate naturalness and calm, while at the same time captivating with their distinctive organic presence.

organic Sculptures

Statement by Annetta Palmisano on the trend "organic sculptures

Annetta Palmisano

"Our first trend –  organic sculptures – is about volume, shape and sensitive surfaces: Here the focus is on well-being, comfort and stress reduction. Creating" calming spaces " is a priority.

The designs displays curves, soft shapes and volumes – they exude calm and comfort. The lights here are often more of a sculpture – rather object. Or they function as room dividers.

Overall, a soft, diffuse light show is aimed for – to create a cozy, protective atmosphere. The materials are pleasant to the touch – the surfaces are always sensory.

The accompanying color palette focuses on white and neutral nuances. This not only emphasizes the effect of the materials and surfaces, but also creates a feeling of lightness and calm."

Studied Masterpieces

The theme has a clear architectural orientation. Clarity and distinctive structures – well thought-out, system-compatible concepts and intensive research into materials are at the core of the designs. The results are visionary and at the same time reflect a timeless and durable aesthetic.Sophisticated, revolutionary material innovations, accurate workmanship and the pursuit of quality enhance the intelligent concept, the construction and the author’s idea.

Studied Masterpieces

Statement by Claudia Herke on the trend "studied masterpieces

Claudia Herke

"Our trend, “studied masterpieces ” is about refined, perfected functionality. Intelligent technological developments and clever technology are the prerequisites for pioneering designs. And above all: Many designers are intensively involved in material research.

The result is sophisticated, revolutionary material innovations and architecturally inspired materials and surfaces. They are workable and sophisticated at the same time. Overall, the designs show a clear, concise formal language and a timeless, strong material aesthetic.

Refined simplicity and functional aspects with a high aesthetic importance characterize the designs. Many designs are visionary and at the same time have a timeless, long-lasting aesthetic.

And the colour range with its clear but discreet character is architecturally inspired. It gives the materials and designs an industrial note."

Inventive Collages

A lively, unorthodox style – an interior mix with playful lighting objects, artistic luminaire designs and surprising arrangements. Influences from art are everywhere – the theme concentrates on the idea behind the design and the creative, often experimental development process as a whole. The use of artistic techniques, an unconventional choice of motifs, materials and colours as well as young, bold vintage interpretations are characteristic.

Inventive Collages

Statement by Annetta Palmisano on the trend „inventive collage“

Annetta Palmisano

"The third trend “inventive collages” arouses interest in independent designs and incomparable products.

The artistic, creative approach to design plays a major role here. Refreshing, heterogeneous and free, rooms become surprising collages.

And in this lively living mix, playful light objects, artistic lighting designs and unconventional vintage interpretations repeatedly attract attention.

The colour palette shows predominantly vital, refreshing tones that allow varied, idiosyncratic and intuitive colour combinations.

The materials are one thing above all else: diverse, imaginative and experimental. There is always an artistic approach to their processing: Sometimes the results show a handcrafted look or they are characterized by perfect surfaces and colours."

Style as a therapy

From entertaining to curative – sensory impressions are no less important for the soul than the interior. The challenge: stimuli must continuously be generated anew.

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