Selection @ Light + Building Events

Selection @ Light + Building brings together projects that make it easier for visitors to obtain a concentrated overview. Based on themes or objective criteria, guided tours, competitions and award ceremonies provide structured insights into the extensive spectrum of products to be seen.

Guided tours

Guided tour at Light + Building

Free guided tours offer an excellent opportunity to find one's way around the products on display and to enter into conversation with colleagues in one's own field.

Again there will be guided tours of the show for architects and planners (both in German and English), as well as for builders, operators, representatives of local and municipal authorities, including the staff of building and planning departments.

An overview of all tours and their providers can be found here from autumn.

Design Plus powered by Light + Building

Design Plus stand

The “Design Plus powered by Light + Building” competition showcases products that demonstrate innovative design, future orientation and energy-efficient technology – values that Light + Building actively promotes.

All prize-winning products from exhibitors and innovative young designers will be on show during the fair in a special exhibition.

The award ceremony will take place on the first day of the fair at the special area.

More information

AIT Award

AIT Award of Light + Building

For the fifth time the AIT Award will be presented to the best architectural and the most outstanding interior architectural projects during Light + Building.

Innovation Award for Architecture and Technology

Innovation Award for Architecture and Technology

The Innovation Award for Architecture and Technology applies architectural criteria to single out products and conceptual solutions that are judged according to both design and technical aspects.

The award targets industrial companies and processing businesses in addition to exterior and interior architects.

During Light + Building the product entries form part of a special exhibition, while the award ceremony takes place on the stage of this special exhibition.

wa award

Participants of wa award

wa-wettbewerbe is the only monthly magazine specialising in architecture whose sole focus is architectural competitions. It has now established a competition inviting ideas from students and this takes place at regular intervals at colleges of higher education, universities and academies in German speaking countries.
The award ceremony will take place as part of Light + Building.

Young Design

Visitors of Young Design

Find inspiration in the ideas of up-and-coming young designers showcasing their own luminaires. This stage is sponsored by Messe Frankfurt and offers newcomers the ideal platform to present themselves to the industry and trade audience.

Participation at Young Design
You are Designer and you’re still at the beginning of your career?
You developed a great product and you are now looking for a manufacturer who is going to produce your draft in a series?
Then take the chance and apply for participation at Young Design! You might get the opportunity to present your draft to the industry and introduce it to the audience of Light + Building for the first time.

Application is possible until December 15, 2019!

You will find more information here. (PDF)

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