AIT Award

The AIT‐Award is one of the most prestigious international awards for realized concepts in architecture and interior design. Originating from the contractworld.award, initiated in 2000, the AIT‐Award will be awarded for the fifth time and follows on from the past with around 800 submissions from 50 countries.


1. Living single‐family

2. Housing multi‐family

3. Hotel

4. Restaurant

5. Retail / Trade fair design

6. Office / Administrations

7. Health / Care

8. Sports

9. Public Buildings / Culture / Leisure

10. Education

11. Production / Commercial

12. Newcomer

Special categories

13. Mixed‐Use

14. Social Design / Participatory architec

The Award ceremony will take place on 11th March 2020 at Light + Building. All awarded projects will be presented within the context of the award ceremony in a special exhibition.

Further information at www.ait‐