6. Architects’ forum: Smart buildings in the district – energy, efficiency, networking and e-mobility

Organiser: Central Association of the German Electrical and Information Technology Trades (Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke - ZVEH) in cooperation with the Hesse State Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners (Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen - AKH) together with Messe Frankfurt
Date: 22.03.2018
Location: Portalhaus, Level 1, Room ‘Transparenz’ 1 + 2

Expectations of what can be gained from smart buildings are enormous. And, if we consider the required and available resources at neighbourhood level, then there are additional efficiency savings to be made and that makes the smart home even more worthwhile.

Electricity is one of the major forms of energy. Generated from renewable sources (solar, wind and water), it is a major contender to replace fossil fuels and is also increasingly being used in the heating and transport sectors, as well as in industrial processes. Combined with modern building services technology and intelligent energy management, electricity is being used in ways that are more efficient than ever and in ways that make people’s lives easier. At the same time, smart buildings in the same neighbourhood can work together in symbiosis.

One example is electric vehicles. In order to be able to provide charging facilities for electric cars, the building services need to be checked and tested and/or carefully planned. Here too, the neighbourhood plays a major role. If a neighbour doesn’t need the electricity they generate at a particular time, then an electric car can be charged from that source. That way, it is possible to avoid having to transport the electricity any further.

With increasing integration and networks, we now need to think of a building no longer as an autonomous unit, but rather to see it in the context of a ‘smart’ surrounding district. You can expect these and other themes to figure large at the 6th Architects’ Forum, held as part of Light+Building 2018.

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