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Understated elegance meets enchanting glass art – lighting at Light + Building 2024 is a veritable treasure trove

5 Dec 2023

The interplay of digital systems, intelligent building-control systems and connected mobility is leading to dynamic changes in the use of rooms. If necessary, the living room can become an office. For its part, the office should have both quiet working areas and communication zones for social interaction while hotel lobbies are morphing into co-working spaces. Outdoors, green areas, recreation and encounter spaces are ideal for socialising and sporting activities. Luminaires play a vital role in the successful, multifunctional use of rooms and spaces. They influence people’s perceptions, set the scene and ensure the appropriate atmosphere in each individual case.

Experts for lighting solutions will present innovative lighting concepts for a host of indoor and outdoor situations at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from 3 to 8 March 2024. From products that are smart, portable and minimalistic to those that are unique, individual and incorporate surprising effects, exhibitors are ready to show a multifaceted, inspiring and fascinatingly beautiful range.

The focus of the top Light + Building theme, ‘Work + Living’ is on the modular use of rooms and spaces both indoors and outdoors. Associated with this are changing demands on lighting: it should be adaptable and usable individually, as well as integrate several different functions and combine high-grade design with innovative technology. ‘Work + Living’ spotlights lighting in all its multifarious facets and fields, including design and special situations.

Design Lighting: evocative, atmospheric and aesthetic

As an aspect of interior design, sources of light are either a harmonious part of the overall concept or draw attention to themselves as design objects. Designers experiment with new materials and technologies, cooperate with glass blowers and take advantage of sustainable manufacturing processes and resources. Trends influence the design process. On behalf of Light + Building, the design experts of style agency bora.herke.palmisano have looked at which themes are most likely to impact on the 2024-25 season. A preview is already available at

Interior design calls for maximum flexibility and adaptive concepts. In an age of dynamic change and hybridity, luminaires that meet these demands have a decisive advantage: they can keep up with a process of continuous change. Lighting experts will show suitable objects at Light + Building. Their creations permit situational changes between different lighting moods and make statements in terms of modern aesthetics and technology. There are collections suited to styles of every kind, which also include luminaires with iridescent surfaces, ribbed glass panels or glass of different thicknesses. Their spatial effects create an enchanting atmosphere. Handcrafted sculptural luminaires also set special accents. Unexpected and contrasting material combinations result in expressive lighting objects. Visitors will find design-oriented collections at many exhibitors including Artemide, Arkoslight, Bega, Bomma, Cangini E Tucci, Martinelli Luce, Molto Luce and Nimbus.

Beautiful hand-crafted luminaires seem to float in the room like shimmering soap bubbles
Beautiful hand-crafted luminaires seem to float in the room like shimmering soap bubbles. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

New Work: dynamic lighting concepts

Flexible working at home, in a traditional office setting or when travelling offers greater freedom, which calls for new concepts for interior usage that take account of the specific communication circumstances. In turn, this harbours a great potential in terms of staff creativity, well-being and productivity. In addition to the layout and furnishings, lighting has an immediate impact on interior settings with the associated planning work taking place in the area of tension between, on the one hand, normative and building regulations and design requirements and, on the other hand, individual working needs. At the same time, appropriate lighting management can ensure a high level of energy efficiency.

Dynamic lines or specific wall accents
Dynamic lines or specific wall accents – both are possible depending on the individual design specification. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Modular systems combining intelligent control with a simple, elegant design offer maximum flexibility. Open tracks allow LED spotlights to be combined with suspended elements, sensors and a variety of other elements. Uncluttered, modern luminaires can be positioned directly above workstations without creating distracting reflections on reflective surfaces such as tablets. Flat lighting elements ensure a lighting design harmonising with the architectural lines, allowing a variety of applications to be used within the framework of a uniform design language. Strip lighting systems can create different spatial dimensions that, in turn, generate dynamics in the room.

Lighting solutions for the modern working world will be shown at Light + Building by exhibitors such as Brumberg Leuchten, Delta Light, Erco, 3F Filippi & Targetti, Linea Light, Trillux and Zumtobel.

Acoustic Lighting: value added through material

Light, colour, furniture - all influence the feeling of a room. However, an invisible aspect also contributes to a sense of well-being: the acoustics. Whether open-plan offices, catering areas or reception areas - acoustics play a pivotal role wherever several people are gathered, communicate with each other or hold confidential conversations. Luminaires have the potential to combine a pleasant lighting atmosphere with sound-absorbing qualities. The key to this is luminaires that are sustainably manufactured from felt, recycled plastic bottles or other acoustically effective materials. Taking the form of acoustic panels in various sizes and colours, as well as integrated light sources that can be mounted on walls or suspended from ceilings, they have a subtle influence on the appearance of the room.

At Light + Building 2024, the companies presenting new creations that combine light and acoustics will include, for example, Alphabet, Artemide, Flexxica, Zumi and XAL.

As a design element, noise-absorbing surfaces and lighting elements form a symbiosis.
As a design element, noise-absorbing surfaces and lighting elements form a symbiosis. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Urban Lighting: atmospheric and functional

Light and lighting fulfil various functions in urban settings. First and foremost, they are used to safely illuminate streets, paths, squares, parks, subways and sports facilities. Moreover, the aesthetic aspect has an influence on people's perceptions and the atmosphere. Light promotes public life. The more attractive a place, the higher the quality of time spent there. Architecture can be accentuated effectively with accent lighting or harmonious facade lighting.

Lights in the green
Pleasant acoustics with luminaires that also combine simplicity and a sense of well-being. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

No less flexible than the use of outdoor areas is the spectrum of combinations of light sources in conjunction with supplementary functions, e.g., tables, benches and planters with indirect sources of light that permit customised arrangements.

Bollards and lamp masts provide not only light for paths. They offer much more, i.e., they can be fitted with charging technology for electric vehicles, serve as Wi-Fi hotspots or provide space for additional sockets, floodlights and emergency lighting. Timeless lighting columns prevent shadows from being cast on paths by creating ambient light.

Reduced design is also used in gardens. Small luminaires highlight plants and selected areas. Waterproof plug-in connections allow more flexibility in garden design.

AEC Illuminazione, Bega Benito, Fonroche, Goccia, GMR, iGuzzini, Leipziger Leuchten, Performance in Lighting, Ragni, Simes and Willy Meyer will be among the exhibitors offering a wide range of products in this field.

The lectures, presentations and guided tours at the Design Plaza revolve around all aspects of light and lighting. Further information about the comprehensive programme of events at Light + Building can be found at

Light + Building – the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology – will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 3 to 8 March 2024.

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