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Facts & Figures of Light + Building

Light + Building is again the number-one international industry event. This was clearly shown by the record-breaking figures for the fair in 2018 with over 220,000 trade visitors, more than 2,700 exhibitors from 55 countries and a significantly more international profile.

Facts & Figures Light + Building 2018

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Partner associations

Light + Building is supported by leading professional associations:


Central Association of the ZVEI e.V.:
- Light
- Electrical Installation Systems

Central association of German electricians (ZVEH)

Technical Building Services Equipment

Light + Building and ISH in Frankfurt are outstanding international presentation platforms for the products of manufacturers of market-ready solutions, systems and products for house and building automation. Held in alternate years, the two leading trade fairs offer companies working in the field of house and building automation the best possible opportunity to present their latest products and innovations – at Light + Building where the focus is on electrical engineering and at ISH which spotlights the heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and sanitation sector.

At both events, the interdisciplinary field of house and building automation plays a decisive role, albeit with different focal points. While the emphasis at Light + Building is on automatic solutions in the field of electrical engineering, such as energy technology, security, communication and interfaces to intelligent power management and electric mobility, ISH stresses products and solutions for the mechanical disciplines of sanitation, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, fire-fighting and ventilation technology. At both fairs, manufacturers also present systems for facility services and intelligent energy management, which ensure sustainable and efficient building operation.

With the Light + Building and ISH trade fairs, Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre is the world’s leading venue for intelligent building technology.

Technical Building Services Equipment
  • Sanitary technology with water purification and waste-water treatment
  • Compressed air / vacuum installations
  • Swimming-pool technology
  • Extinguishers: hydrants, sprinklers, foam extinguishers, gas extinguishers
  • Heating and cooling
  • Domestic hot water systems and solar-thermal equipment
  • Heat pumps, CHP units
  • Air-conditioning, fresh air provision, ventilation, smoke extraction systems
  • Process air engineering and equipment
  • Refrigeration and cooling
  • Mains voltage installations and equipment (medium and low tension)
  • Backup electricity generators (emergency power supply)
  • Regenerative power generation (sun, wind, geo)
  • Cable and wiring networks, distribution boards and consumer units
  • Cable-laying systems and looms, bus systems

Lighting technology

  • Lighting systems and lighting technology
  • Security and emergency lighting
  • Lighting and lighting-related technology

Messaging / Communications technology

  • In-house telephones, intercom systems
  • Loudspeaker and PA systems
  • Aerials and antennae
  • Computer networks, technologies for linking PCs and telephone networks
  • Wireless systems for automated building services
  • Media technology

Security technology

  • Hazard alarm systems, burglar and malfunction alarm technologies
  • Lightning protection (other than building protection)
  • Building alarm systems
  • Access control and time recording
  • Video, envelope and perimeter surveillance

Building automation

  • Automation systems
  • Switchboards, distribution boards
  • Management and user interfaces
  • Room automation systems
  • Distribution & transmission networks / grids
  • Elevators, conveyors and storage technology
  • Personal and goods elevators
  • Moving staircases and walkways
  • Pneumatic Tube Transport (PTT) systems

Other areas:

  • Shutters and gates
  • Shading and sunlight protection
  • Blinds