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Light + Building – the live experience

Light + Building brings together everything that belongs together: lighting and building-services technology. Its focus is on lighting trends in all their facets, the electrification and digitalization of homes and buildings, the connectivity of building-services technology, and connected safety and security technology.

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A perfect combination of lighting and building-services technology calls for expert input. Experts are an indispensable part of the light and building community and their specialist knowledge is particularly important in connection with forward-oriented technology for a sustainable future.

And this is how Light + Building, the international meeting place for the industry, brings together lighting and building-services technology:

Your speciality is lighting. Ours is spotlighting. A perfect match.

Fair visitors

Optimum lighting demands intelligent, connected, customised, energy-efficient and future-oriented lighting solutions that focus on the human need for ‘perfect light’ in all fields of life.

From the office and education, via industry, trade, hotels and wellness, to art and culture, we naturally expect intelligent lighting to be easy to use, economical and cost effective.

As the organisers of Light + Building, we help you put the spotlight on your products and solutions by successfully bringing together lighting, architecture and building-services technology, i.e., by networking the experts. They are an indispensable part of this community and their specialist knowledge in the lighting dimension is essential with regard to unified technological and global progress. As the world’s leading trade fair, we create the space you need to make important national and international contacts across all branches of industry. Take advantage of Light + Building to bring your fascination for lighting to life, and electrify an international audience.

Orientation in the wide-ranging field of lighting is offered by the following product groups:

  • Technical lighting: exterior lighting, street lights, internal lights for office and administration, shop lighting, special applications, internal lights for industry and business, emergency lighting
  • Technical, design-oriented lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Components and accessories for lighting systems: lamps / sources of light: LED, UVC, OLED, light control, light management, light measurement

Surrounded by personal encounters, visible enthusiasm, heartfelt handshakes and an enduring experience, you the exhibitor become an enthusiastic visitor. Tell the others about your latest products and solutions. We look forward to your presentation and valuable contribution to the future!

Light is a feeling
Light is sustainability
Light is business
Light is changing perspectives
Light is networking
Light is vision

Your building-services technology for a sustainable future. Perfectly linked with the world’s leading trade fair.

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Electrification and digitalization are the basis for tomorrow’s buildings. They make it possible to integrate alternative sources of energy and ensure not only the efficient use of resources but also a high degree of comfort, safety and security.

We are the experts when it comes to bringing you together with all aspects of a lighting and building-services technology in a building. Additionally, the high degree of internationality at the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology gives you access to contacts and markets around the globe. Take advantage of the potential offered by this meeting place for the industry and fascinate visitors with your technological know-how and expertise.

The building product segment combines the complete spectrum from electrical installations, building automation and connected safety and security technology. These product groups show you the right way forward:

  • Electrical engineering
  • House and building automation
  • Safety and security technology: Intersec Building

Discover the future of modern building-services technology and discuss new ideas and technological challenges with like-minded people. We look forward to welcoming you to Light + Building as a member of the international industry!

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Light + Building
Light + Building
Light + Building
Light + Building
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Light + Building

Intersec Building: your meeting place for connected safety and security technology

Connected safety and security is an integral part of smart homes and smart buildings. Everyone interested in these multi-faceted options will find the range of products and services – from video technology and access control to data and fire protection – concentrated in the Intersec Building section.