Preview: Light + Building Digital Extension

Dashboard of the Light + Building Digital Addition

Light + Building will be launching both physically and digitally in 2022. The platform on the web, the Light + Building Digital Extension, opens from 13 to 25 March 2022. During this time, many things are possible: you can find new contacts via AI-supported match-making or make appointments for web conferences. Chat with new business partners? That's possible too, of course. You can also offer your product presentations as streaming in thematically appropriate channels.

What is possible, how the platform works, where the daily programme items are and much more can already be found out in the videos on the digital platform.

Whether it's the appointment calendar, suitable contact matches, personal favourites, your own profile or the choice of language: the Event Dashboard of Light + Building Digital Extension is the control centre for all possibilities. To ensure that you always have everything relevant immediately in view, you can arrange individual functions on the interface individually.

What is behind "Meet Us 1:1", which contacts does the digital platform's matchmaking suggest to me and how do I get in touch with the exhibiting companies? There is a wide range of possibilities so that the right exchange is possible for every concern.

Visitors can also contact each other on the platform. Based on their interests and areas of expertise, they receive suggestions as to who might be particularly interesting for them. The contact request is then the next step.

The Light + Building complementary programme offers inspiration, an exchange of ideas on topics relevant to the sector and knowledge transfer. Many exhibiting companies also show exciting product presentations and innovations. In this video, you can find out which stage has what to see.